We opened our first office abroad, in early 2018, servicing the MENA region from our new homebase in Dubai.

We are convinced that organisations need to broaden their perspective if they want to transform successfully. Whereas initially it was mainly about understanding and anticipating digital disruptions, we now also see the need to take into account social changes in the areas of work, housing, mobility, sustainability, healthcare and living. Companies are gradually realizing that a future proof plan can only be written based on a holistic, cross-sectoral approach.

As Copernicus revolutionized the model of ‘celestial spheres’, we too love to put your understanding of the world upside down. We show you a wider scope, and reveal a brighter horizon. Together, we question the status quo, sharing ideas that shape opportunities. Together, we conceive and construct an encompassing vision that changes your course; that changes for the better.

We share to inspire
We unite all various skills of our team and excel with our collaborative intelligence. We connect with big and small clients, we offer them a sneak peek of what’s next and help them flourish in an evolving world. Together, as a team, we present bold ideas, a forward-looking focus and an enterprising spirit for our clients, partners and society.

We shape to improve
In spreading our insights and ideas, we aim to create new opportunities for every organisation in the entire ecosystem. By being inclusive we want to increase our impact on society and make everyone in it thrive. Our eye-opening and co-creating approach changes the course, turns confusion into a bright outlook and profoundly impacts the ecosystem.

We Share to Shape

We are Fearless
We dare to do things that have never been done before, we love to venture in the unknown and we are never scared to share our bold opinions. We love innovation and constantly looking for the next horizon is a natural part of our DNA.

We are Different
We don’t compromise nor follow the textbook. We are creative & authentic people who come up with unseen methods and solutions. We are square pegs in the round holes. People really value our different approach. We also believe in humor, and that our humor is different 🙂

We are Entrepreneurial
As much as we love to think, we know action is the variable of success. We are passionate, accountable and self-reliant do’ers. We are intrapreneurs & firestarters who bring infectious energy.

Founding Partners

Jo Caudron

Jo has been active in the online world for over 2 decades. He (co-)founded over a dozen internet-related companies. He has been CEO, chairman of the board, evangelist, strategic consultant, but overall he considers himself an entrepreneur.

As a published author (Fixing the media, Digital Transformation and The World is Round) and inspiring speaker, he travels around the world to spread his vision on how all (traditional) businesses should adapt to the disruptive power of a changing society.

Book as a speaker

Jo Caudron
Dado Van Peteghem

Dado Van Peteghem

Dado Van Peteghem is one of the leading experts in the digital sector. He is a frequent keynote speaker and entrepreneur. He’s the co-founder of Scopernia & several startups like Social Seeder & Speakersbase, giving more than 150 speeches per year internationally.

In 2014 Dado Van Peteghem and Jo Caudron wrote the book “Digital Transformation – a model to master digital disruption”. With Omar Mohout he wrote the book Corporate Venturing in 2018 and with Nils van Dam he launched his latest book ‘Metasystems, building trustful partnerships for growth’ in 2020.


Our History

DearMedia (2011-2015)

When Jo Caudron and Dado Van Peteghem started their journey together back in 2011, they focused mainly on the big disruptions happening in that period. Social Media had a huge impact on how companies and employers had to behave in a visible online world and media in its entirety was in full disruption. This was quickly followed by the book ‘Media Morgen’ released by Jo Caudron, warning for the huge changes that would disrupt the media industry. The warning was just.


Duval Union Consulting (2015-2020)

The changes Jo and Dado saw in the media industry, were happening in other industries as well. That’s when DearMedia changed into Duval Union Consulting. We saw innovations and changes enabled by digital, that disrupted industries in a very impactful way. With these insights, Jo and Dado wrote the book ‘Digital Transformation, launched in 2013 and still an absolute bestseller worldwide.

Except for a change in focus, we also became part of Duval Union, where we started working together with other companies with a shared vision. In 2018 Nils van Dam joined Jo and Dado in their mission to help companies become Future Proof and in 2019 he became CEO of Duval Union Consulting.

Together with our partner Chalhoub Group, we also opened our first office abroad, in early 2018, servicing the MENA region from our new homebase in Dubai.


Scopernia (2020 and beyond)

As our company evolved, so did the world. Digital innovations weren’t just impacting companies or industries anymore, but the entire society slowly started to feel disruption. The way we live, work and move is starting to shift, which has a huge impact on all industries at once. Other important subjects like Climate, Immigration, Globalisation and so on, are starting to hit companies at its core, which it demands them to change.

With ‘The World Is Round’, Jo wrote a book describing all these challenges companies are facing and how you can still create an optimistic plan for the future in these turbulent times.

A new style of consulting needed a suitable new name and just like Copernicus, who was a visionnaire and had a holistic view on how the world worked, so does Scopernia. We help you to create a scope for the future and define your purpose in that future.

Our Network

We do not believe in the idea of the one agency for the future, that’s why we’re strongly connected with companies with their own specialisation. By using our large network, we can unburden our clients in an end-to-end way. We believe in a world where business strategy, marketing and communications are thoroughly intertwined. We believe in technology platforms, data, and expert services working together in a perfectly-connected value chain. That’s why we are aspiring to offer end-to-end solutions by specialised, high quality companies. Because we believe we’re stronger together. We share to shape.

Our team

Dado Van Peteghem
Co-founder & MENA CEO
Christian Frost Jensen
Jr. Consultant
Jérémy Denisty
Director & MENA Office Lead
Dado Van Peteghem
Founding Partner
Jo Caudron
Founding Partner
Emily De Baets
Samuel Eggermont
Nathalie Ooms
Business Analyst
Michèle Walraet
Operations Manager
Hilde Rouwens
Marketing Specialist