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In the past 30 years, technology has caused wave after wave of disruptive developments, each crashing onto society and business alike. With the tide building and the pace accelerating, the next wave promises to come in big. These new challenges have a societal and environmental impact, are systemic and increasingly complex.

Our old ways of doing business don’t suffice anymore. Furthermore, the future is too fast and too complex to go at it alone. In the future competition will happen on the level of ecosystems, not just on the level of companies, products or services.

This book gives companies the tools to build mutually beneficial, equal and sincere partnerships. We call them metasystems. And we believe them to be the most suitable armour for the next decade. Metasystems are built on trust and purpose. The biggest challenge is how to leverage the soft-side, the human factor again.

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For more than 20 years, industries have been changing because of digital disruptions. Banks, retailers, the media, taxi companies and so many others can testify to the disruptive power of digital. All sectors are facing their own perfect storm in which digital disruptions force them to look for a new position, in order to manage their digital transformation.

But what if this is just the beginning? What if it’s insufficient to only look for a transformation plan from within your own industry? What if our society itself is changing at its core?

With this book, we want to make an optimistic plea for a future that is worth believing in, in which solutions are offered when we adopt a holistic view of the problems, challenges and opportunities at hand.

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This is not the hype story of how cool startups are and why you should invest in them with a fund or setup an accelerator. Corporate Venturing is so much more than corporate venture capital.

The book will provide guidance, insights, perspective and inspiration for anyone that has an interest in corporate venturing as a strategy to accelerate growth. Whether you are a large corporate or an upcoming player in the market.

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Digital and online services are evolving at an unseen speed. After 25 years of online activity, digital technologies have fundamentally changed the way we live, work and play. Digital is disruptive. Through this book we want to share our vision and approach.

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