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The Chalhoub Group has been the leading partner for luxury across the Middle East since 1955. As a leader in retail, distribution and marketing services based in Dubai, the group has become a major player in the beauty, fashion and gift sectors regionally.


After our Digital Transformation track, started in 2017, we realised that to gain speed in an ever changing world, we have to work together to innovate. That’s why, together, we launched an incubator/accelerator in the heart of Dubai, called the Greenhouse.

Our approach

The Chalhoub Group co-created its digital transformation strategy with us in 2017. Part of this transformation journey included ideation sessions which lead to +30 innovative ideas for the Chalhoub Group to pursue.

One of the prioritized ideas that came out of these ideation sessions was to collaborate with external start-ups in order to move the needle much faster. Only one year later, the Chalhoub Greenhouse was launched!

We guided Chalhoub in this process from ideation to building the business case and eventually to the physical launch.

The Greenhouse has 2 key activities: (1) retail-tech accelerator to partner with scale-ups from all over the world and (2) program focusing on the intrapreneurs in the company to encourage everyone from the Chalhoub Group to submit their innovation ideas.