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Schoenen Torfs


Schoenen Torfs is a family owned belgian shoe retail chain with +70 locations, spread out over Flanders. Scopernia has a long standing relationship with Torfs as their transformation partner and closely monitors their transformation journey as part of their Advisory Board.


Co-creating a digital transformation strategy for a retail landscape in full disruption.

Our approach

We helped Torfs understand the digital landscape and offered a framework to assess the impact of new trends and developments on their business model. Together, we defined the North Star Vision and a set of strategic ambitions, which we have seen them implement successfully over the past years.

Since then, we have continued to offer our strategic insights and expertise to their transformation journey. We organised a re-scoping of their North Star Vision 2 years in, assisted with their endeavours into business venturing, acted as a trend compass to stay in tune with the market and we have a seat in the Torfs Advisory board.

Today Torfs is a prime example of a physical retail network that has successfully transformed in a digital world. With their approach towards hybrid applications and a strong culture narrative, they generate 17% of their total profit online.